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Ekinex is an Italian company that believes in the conscious use of technology, an ally to improve the quality of people’s lives. The design is the driving force in Ekinex : technology makes life easier but design makes it more enjoyable. Comfort, safety control and experience are the keywords that trace Ekinex’s path: an expert in smartlighting, HVAC and home automation system. Ekinex believes in the deep value of sustainability and wellness which guide its choices and vision of the future.


Established in 2012, Ekinex has chosen from the very beginning to cover the entire production chain from R&D to certification, from product assistance to before and after sales. Being Ekinex a manufacturer, it has the ability to act promptly on responding to the increasing demand for tailor-made objects: a dedicated service which creates customised icons and text that make each project unique.


Ekinex proposes distinctive elements that break out of the traditional patterns to enhance the style of the interiors and this the reason why their products are highly sought by architects and interior designers. Choose between the softness of the Fenix NTM® material, the rigorousness of the metal or simply shine your house with the latest addition to the family, the Metal HT.

In Ekinex technology meets design through the three series, the FF, the 71, the 20Venti and its home automation system Delégo. You can find Ekinex’s Family Feeling, a harmonious stylistic line, in various application areas: residential, hospitality, marine and offices.


The essence of the Made in Italy is embedded in the company’s DNA: design, attention to details, cutting edge technology and innovation. Symbol of quality, a brand that means authenticity which is highly appreciated in the world: Ekinex focuses on creating something that is not purely an aesthetic exercise but a product that is also easy to use, user-friendly, intuitive, immediate, simple and beautiful.

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