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Appointments in full swing from the get go!

From the start of January 2022 the showroom hasn't had a moments peace as news has got out about it's quirky, industrial nature.

We are now open to anyone who wants to see not only our primary and biggest collaborator Coalbrook, but also Bard&Brazier, Bard&Blackwood, Phos, Menu Space, The Stonemasonary Company Lt., Ekinex and Holloway Li's creative designs.

Booking Appointments

Whether you are an end user looking to refurbish your home, a showroom sourcing a modern and well engineered fit, or an architect hoping for an alternative yet sustainable product you are welcome to use our space. We offer work spaces for any clients including a Snug, Library and large meeting room. If you would like to pop in for a coffee or an entire day just fill in the booking page on our Contact tab.

See you soon!


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