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Exmouth Market

Having sampled lots of the market stalls that are just next door for lunches, here are our top picks!

Exmouth Market is the street behind us so you can combine a delicious lunch there with a coffee and tour around the showroom. Here are some of our favourites to get you started as the decision between beatiful bites of sushi and flavoursome mexican chicken filled wraps can sometimes be a bit daunting.


Taking its culinary inspiration from Moorish Spain the smells that come from their restaurant are strong and flavoursome. They also have a tapas bar for the indecisive and a market stall for the speedy. All three offer a different vibe and delicious food of top quality standard. This is reflected in the price but well worth the visit if you fancy treating yourself!


There are endless italian restaurants to chose from in this area (now fittingly named "Little Italy") as many Italians settled here in the early 19th Century as it was a centre of craftsmanship. That ethos still remains with this little restaurant that has a deceptively small frontage but large handmade sourdough pizzas that can be enjoyed in the back restaurant. Alternatively, we often order them as takeaways in our showroom if you give us enough warning.


Undoubtably the best coffee we have ever had comes from Caravan, its super creamy and gives you a great afternoon energy burst. Aside from this there is something for everyone in their extensive and varied menu that spans lots of nationalities.


For a lighter lunch we like to go to Necco as they offer small sushi rolls for as little as £2.00. Alternatively they also make rice bowls, curries, soups and hotpots for a more filling meal on a rainy day. Their tempura prawn starter is a personal favourite of ours...


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