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Phos present the Neuroscience of Light

Phos have studied the impact of artificial light on both our everyday spaces and mental health to produce the most luxury lighting experience.

Human beings evolved over 3 billion years under natural light. In this modern world however, we now spend 97% of our time indoors under artificial light - light that does not give us what we fundamentally need. As a result, our biology, emotions, daily routines and more recently understood, our health and well-being are affected.

LED’s particularly lack red wavelengths meaning facial expressions are harder to pick up and the subconscious mind is put under stress. Not only this but the lack of wavelengths such as green and yellow means that our ability to respond to colours emotionally is significantly reduced resulting in a diminished connection to the spaces we inhabit. LED’s are well known to flicker too and much of this is imperceptible non-visual flicker. This effectively means you do not see it but your brain is having to work overtime to “stitch” your experience of the world together making it draining, jagged and stressful to our bodies. The huge blue spikes associated with LEDs also means your body is put into morning mode late at night so you cannot naturally synchronise with a true circadian rhythm (body clock cycle) and your body is stressed when it should be resting and repairing.

Phos' Solution

Good lighting is as important as, say, good plumbing. Not only will dimmable, high CRI lights allow you to synchronise emotionally to the spaces you design but it will also make that expensive kitchen, bathroom or living room “pop”. Entry level products sacrifice light quality and this means the money you part with for your expensive surfaces and textures will be meaningless since the artificial light in the space will not have necessary ingredients to make it look as luxurious and inviting as the cost of it would make it seem.

Phos works with the latest neuroscientific research and industry leaders to create an award-wining range of fixtures that are designed and manufactured by a 5th generation family company in the UK. Combining 140 years of British engineering heritage combined with the latest technology, we have created a range of fittings that reconnect us to our most primal requirements. The result? Lighting that is sustainable for the planet, good for people and even better for the final beauty and quality of the spaces they build.

Article by @phos.light


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