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The Stonemasonry Company Limited is a group of dedicated master craftsmen specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of natural stone staircases and structural stone buildings. We create beautiful post-tensioned stonework and undertake bespoke, highly engineered and complex architectural projects throughout the UK and overseas.

The Stonemasonry Company Limited was founded in 2009 by partners Paul and Alex, and today our growing team is managed from our Rutland based, purpose built, workshop. We specialise in bespoke natural stonework projects, seeing them from concept and design through to manufacture, installation and completion. We combine traditional stonemasonry skills and expert carving with modern design technology and innovative engineering to create the most sustainable solution for our clients. We design and assemble the highest quality pre-tensioned, post-tensioned, and reinforced stone staircases, as well as traditional cantilever flights and unique load-bearing stone frame. As part of our commitment to the craft we are in constant search of new and exciting designs – this has helped us to become pioneers in the production of some of the most innovative stone staircases in the world.

Over the next five years The Stonemasonry Company Limited is committed to developing new, sustainable stone solutions and conscientious builds, for future generations, globally. The firm will dedicate the energy of its teams to pioneer ingenious modern methods of construction, bringing architects and engineers together for a more inclusive and efficient way of building with stone.
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