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YOGA & Sound Bath

Important: Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket or a jumper to keep yourself warm and cosy during the sound bath! 


Queries and Considerations Regarding Practice:


Please let the teachers know in advance if you have any special considerations, such as pregnancy, physical difficulties etc, which you are concerned may impinge upon you suitability to practice. Also please review the Health and Safety notes at the foot of the page too.





Cinzia Cavedon








Hi, I'm Cinzia your Yoga Teacher with interest in breathing techniques, mindfulness, sound healing and other holistic practises. Always curious to know more and expand my experience in the holistic field I started my journey by becoming an energy field practitioner, then a holistic massage therapist and then followed my passion for Yoga with courses and diplomas including Special Yoga and mindfulness for Autism and ADHD, and yoga to children with special needs in order to learn how to share this science of life with different populations and different needs.


I like to make yoga accessible to everybody. There is no limitation as Yoga is not about how flexible we are. The focus instead is on how present we are in our body and in your mind and how we can feel better after good stretching, deep breathing and a nice relaxation. It’s a journey towards reconnecting with our inner beauty and truth and this is what fascinates me.


I have a caring and empathic personality and I have found great support and benefits myself from the yoga practice during the most difficult times of my life. I'm happy to share the benefits of yoga with all different age groups and clients tailoring each class to their unique specific needs. It is a lifelong practice for developing inner peace and calm.  When we are able to get out of stress and go into a relaxed state, this creates the optimum condition and possibility for positive change.








Yoga is a centuries old practice that includes postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (known as pranayama). These techniques can lead to fundamental benefits across the entire spectrum of body, mind and spirit. As a result of practice, people have reported feeling more focused, connected and settled, less tense, stressed and anxious, and having increased concentration and creativity. It can also lead to greater confidence and openness and willingness to embrace challenges, as well as improving strength that will complement any other physical activity you do.


The practice of asana also exemplifies the more Eastern perspective on health - that body, mind, emotions and spirit are linked. Asanas work by stimulating connective tissue throughout the body which in turn influences different aspects of our being. So for example, by entering a posture which stimulates connective tissue in the legs, it can have an effect on organs in the lower abdomen and the thoughts and feelings - in our inner world - which are associated with those organs, as well as alleviating physical tension.


While there are many types of yoga practice, it has an overall harmonising effect and stimulates 'right brain’ function - which brings us more into our sensory awareness of the world around us, as well as pacifying the ‘inner chatter’ in your mind. This essentially alleviates the sense of division between you and your outer world and relates to the archetype of how yoga makes you feel at ‘One’.


Pranayama and general breath awareness further helps to deepen the relaxation response, and the effect on your hormones and endorphin production comes with a general sense of increased wellbeing and positivity. There are many other documented facets of yoga and to some degree each individual will have a unique experience of the class as it impacts your own inner world in a unique way!




Francisco Amoscotegui






Francisco has been working with sound since 2010 offering a variety of private and group sessions, including larger events

He is part of the collective, an ecological sound harmony project, recreating 360 natural sound landscapes mixed with sound healing on a 360 sound system, participating with music creation, recording and production. Traveling to Wonderfruit festival, Thailand, opening the Polygon stage since 2018.

Check Earth Echo Collective SoundCloud for Spatial Audio Headset Sound healing experiences:(Essential using headphones, Spatial Audio technology) 

In London, he was a co-facilitator at the sold-out popular "All-night Psychedelic Gong Bath" for over two years. He has participated in established events including: Psychedelic gong bath, Sound of Love, OneSpirit, La Spirale, Shift Happens, Movement Medicine, Urban Shamans and numerous yoga events with "The wellnesswarrior" (@calebjudepackham) yoga and live sound.





Sound Bath


Francisco works intuitively with several instruments including Gongs, Didgeridoos, singing bowls, flute, shakers, Shruti box and his voice, including polyphonic overtone singing and other voice healing techniques. His sessions take you on a deep and relaxing journey.


Session Running Order:

1- Presentation, brief explanation about sound healing and best way to receive it, questions if any.(5 min)

2- Sound session, starting with a short meditation to relax and allow participants to be receptive (40 min)

3- Silence for integration and short grounding meditation (5 min)

4- Sharing time for participants (10min)

(Timings can vary depending on our convenience, we can talk about this once we know about the organiser wishes regarding sessions in the same room, etc)

Articles on Yoga, Mindfulness and The Benefits of Yoga and Wellness: 


For some general workplace wellbeing advice please feel free to view the following! 



All of our classes are suitable for all levels of experience unless expressly detailed otherwise. We are sure you’ll enjoy your participation, however before you start please consult a doctor if you:


  1. Have or have had any medical condition, discomfort or injury which may be affected by physical activity. e.g. Heart condition, angina, high/low blood pressure, dizziness, stroke, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, an operation in the last 12 months, osteoporosis, arthritic joints or joint replacements.

  2. Are Pregnant or have given birth within the last 6 weeks.

  3. Are taking any prescribed medicines.


The class is not suitable for anyone who has been advised by a doctor to not partake in physical activity / exercise. If you are in any doubt about your ability to participate in the class then please consult your GP. It is the responsibility of the participants to decide whether to join or continue a class, following doctor’s instructions concerning the above or any other conditions.

The evening will run from 6pm until 9pm, within this time you can expect:

Drinks throughout 

Delicious canapes 

1 hour yoga 

1 hour sound bath 

Scroll down to secure your spot...  

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Thanks for booking to our event. See you there!If there are any changes to your booking you must give us at least 48 hours notice.

If you have any questions regarding this invitation please get in touch

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